Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Report on December Meeting

Belinda sent an email she had received from Dr. Rex Bolinger regarding Bill's book and the efforts his group is making to get the books in the schools. They are especially hoping to present the idea to the Advanced Placement US History courses. Marlene W was meeting Monday with the assistant principal of her daughter's school to see if he has any connections to reach Becky Chambers, who is Advanced Placement Director for Georgia.

Dr. Bolinger, who is connected thru Thomas Nelson with the Milken Educators ( and Team HOPE to promote Bill's book. Thomas Nelson will publish a "Roadmap" to compliment the books and provide resources, but it won't be out until June'08.

Dr. Bolinger asks that we consider ways to have the books reviewed and used for Advanced Placement US History courses in GA high schools "in as many creative ways as we can consider." Humm...I think we need to go back to him for ideas!!!

If anyone out there has ideas on presenting to Becky Chambers, let us know. Or who has info on GA's Advanced Placement program/anyone in the program's leadership or someone with access to Becky Chambers?

Anyone involved with the Georgia Kilken Educators, which apparently has just been formed??

Linda Christensen (Buckhead)

Saturday Morning in America Theme Song

Reminder: the lyrics to the new SMIA theme song is at:

Sunday, December 9, 2007


At the December 8th meeting, the Atlanta Saturday morning group agreed to move the monthly breakfast to Linda Terrill's pub in midtown (especially after our less than warm welcome to use the back room at J. Christopher's). Her pub doesn't open on Saturdays until 4 pm, so we'll have free run of the the place all morning, and there is free parking.

The pub doesn't serve any type of breakfast food, so Linda will buy bagels and cream cheese, biscuits, donuts and other assorted breakfast goodies. It will be buffet style and include coffee, hot chocolate or tea (note: they don't have decaf....Linda said, "it is a pub after all," and we'll serve ourselves). We can be as loud as we like, laugh all we want, and who knows, maybe even sing the Philly Girls' new theme song. We'll reimburse Linda for the food and coffee at $5 per person.

Directions: (One block north of the Civic Center -- Piedmont Avenue is one way there, so coming from the north you need to come around the block on Pine). From I-75/85 north, take the North Avenue exit. From I-75/85 south, take the Pine Street exit.

Date: The next meeting will be held on January 19, 2008 at 9:00 am.


Time: In the future, the Atlanta Saturday Morning in America group will meet at 9:00 am. After the January 19th meeting, we will meet regularly on the second SATURDAY of every month.

Call Linda at 404-869-6889 if you have questions about finding the restaurant.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Note from the 'Philly Girls'

Hello Saturday Girls!

Wanted to let you know that our second Saturday Morning in America "Theme Song" is scheduled to be debuted on air on Friday, December 7th, during the 2nd hour of Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show (7:00 to 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time).

Philly Girl Fran has written an adorable song which will be presented as a Christmas present from the Philadelphia Saturday Girls to Bill Bennett, and is meant to be enjoyed by all of our Saturday Girls across America!

Hope you'll tune in! The words of this NEW song will be posted under "Theme Song" on our website after its on-air debut.

With best wishes,

Janet Birkmann for Jenny, Janet and Linda (The Philly Girls)
Founders, Saturday Morning in America

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Upcoming Atlanta-SMIA Meeting

First of all, we want to express our concern for Keith's health (she's one of the original Atlanta-SMIA organizers) and pray she'll be well enough to attend this Saturday's breakfast and be on the mend for the holidays.

We want to extend an invitation to all women in the Atlanta area who are fans of the Bill Bennett Morning in America radio show to join us this Saturday, December 8th, at 8:30 am, at J. Christopher's in Sandy Springs. While we're not terribly organized, our numbers are growing and our breakfasts are always interesting, educational and lots of fun. Show up, and know that you'll be welcomed.

Here are a few items on our agenda (Agenda? What! We have an agenda?):

1) Discuss ways to raise money to purchase America: The Last Best Hope books for schools.
2) Sign up to receive authorization so you can contribute to our new blog.
3) Discuss having the Atlanta-SMIA meeting in downtown Atlanta at Linda T's pub. Her pub isn't open on Saturday mornings, so we can meet on the enclosed patio at no cost, and they have free parking. She'll supply the coffee and will pick up bananas, bagels, donuts, and so forth for a relaxed breakfast, and we can all split the cost of the food.
4) Talk further about the possibility of a national SMIA meeting in Philadelphia in August.
5) Get an update from Belinda and Caroline about their recent travels.
6) Last but not least, talk about the issues, stories, interviews and opinions we've heard on Morning in America over the last month.

Please join us.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Blog Responsibility

The Atlanta/SMIA blog is a tool that will allow us to communicate our thoughts and opinions within our group. As conservative, responsible adults, we naturally will not post anything that would be obscene or morally offensive.

If, however, you read a comment on our blog that is obscene or inappropriate, please contact either Keith or Linda T. immediately so we can remove the offensive comment.

If you would like to contribute to the blog, please email Keith or Linda T. and ask to be included in our authoring group.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

December 2007 Meeting

Please join us on Saturday Morning, December 8, 2007 at J. Christopher's in Sandy Springs. We meet at 8:30 am. Just look for the Saturday Morning in America sign and, thanks to the Philly Girls, our American flag. BYOB (Buy Your Own Breakfast)

Linda from Philly Visits Atlanta

Linda from Philly, one of the founders of the Saturday Morning in America Club, met a group of us for lunch on Saturday, November 17, at La Madelaine in Marietta. In keeping with true Southern Hospitality, we greeted her with a welcome gift of Vidalia Onion "Grits Bits." (We'll all be anxious to hear what she thinks of that "treat".)

The conversation was stimulating, and there was lots of laughter. We talked about the groundswell of growth in the local chapters of the Saturday Morning in America Club and the direction each local chapter is taking. Each has its own personality, but with a common thread of love for our country, conservative values and intelligent conversation.

We shared our mutual interest in trying to organize a national group get-together over the summer to further develop friendships with fellow Bill Bennett fans, lots of lively conversation and sharing of opinions and ideas, and always with plenty of "candor, intelligence and goodwill"! ("Morning in America" slogan)

Linda from Philly brought our chapter a laminated menu from the diner in Philadelphia where their chapter meets, signed by dozens of the Philly Girls, along with an American flag we'll use as a center piece during our monthly meetings.

Thanks to Keith (Buckhead) and Linda C. (Buckhead) for organizing the luncheon and to Linda from Philly for spending the afternoon with us.