Friday, January 25, 2008

February Meeting

The Atlanta Chapter of Saturday Morning in America will hold our next meeting on Saturday, February 9, 2008 at 9:00 am at O'Terrill's Pub. Please let us know if you're planning to come so we'll be sure to have enough food. If you forget to call, come anyway. There is no charge to attend, but we are collecting $5 per person to cover the cost of food, coffee, sodas and hot cocoa.

If the parking lot is full, just pull in and double park the other cars (we have the pub and parking lot to ourselves) or there's plenty of parking on the street.

Directions: Map

Sunday, January 20, 2008

January Meeting

This past weekend's Saturday Morning in America get-together was so much fun, and we were so lucky that the snow held off as long as it did. I can hardly wait until our next get-together for another "caucus" or perhaps we should call it a "raucous." I'll make sure Rufus has the bottle of Bailey's handy for our coffee. You're are all so darned smart, interesting, insightful and funny!

Remember the rules for meeting at the pub: Make yourselves at home, treat the place like it's your living room, serve yourselves, and don't leave me with leftovers; and, oh yeah, sorry but we don't do is a pub, you know (but there's hot cocoa and Diet Coke if coffee isn't your pleasure).

Hope to see you all again in February....and bring your like-minded friends. We'll be sure to have the Philly Girls' flag for our centerpiece then.

Linda T.

More About January Meeting

Hi everyone,
I, too, am still riding high from yesterday. What a wonderful experience it was to be able to have a group of "instant" friends with whom I feel so much camaraderie. I shed a tear of joy on the way home. Thanks to Linda and Rufus, and thanks to you all. I hope to make it to many meetings in the coming months. I also hope that cleanup wasn't too much work. I'd say Linda and Rufus went above and beyond in the prep and welcoming and cleanup efforts. It is kind of inspiring to be part of such a dynamic group.

Carolyn Smith

January SMIA Meeting

Wow - I'm still on a "high" from yesterday's meeting. Many, many thanks to Linda T. and her husband, Rufus, for inviting us to use the Pub for our meetings. It was warm and welcoming and just fabulous. I can't think of anything but "cutesy" words right now. We sat out on a covered porch with a fire going, and as the meeting progressed, we watched the snow fall. A beautiful sight in Atlanta, and one we don't see too often. The food was great and the conversation even better.

We had 19 people there and some "new" members who really brought a lot of the table - no pun intended. We did a "mini" caucus and Fred Thompson was the clear winner with our group. I can't remember who came in second. Interesting not one vote for McCain or Huckabee. Thanks to everybody for their warm and stimulating participation in our Atlanta Chapter of the Saturday Morning "Girls". We are truly blessed and it can only get better.

Take care and be sure to mark February 9 on your calendar for our next meeting. Stay tuned!