Sunday, January 20, 2008

January Meeting

This past weekend's Saturday Morning in America get-together was so much fun, and we were so lucky that the snow held off as long as it did. I can hardly wait until our next get-together for another "caucus" or perhaps we should call it a "raucous." I'll make sure Rufus has the bottle of Bailey's handy for our coffee. You're are all so darned smart, interesting, insightful and funny!

Remember the rules for meeting at the pub: Make yourselves at home, treat the place like it's your living room, serve yourselves, and don't leave me with leftovers; and, oh yeah, sorry but we don't do is a pub, you know (but there's hot cocoa and Diet Coke if coffee isn't your pleasure).

Hope to see you all again in February....and bring your like-minded friends. We'll be sure to have the Philly Girls' flag for our centerpiece then.

Linda T.

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