Sunday, March 9, 2008

Notes from Our March Meeting

Atlanta SMIA met Saturday morning in our “spring snowstorm” (this time tho only a couple of snow flakes drifted down by the time of the meeting). Susan bought a 2-volume set of Bill’s book to kick off our plan to place the books in school libraries. Linda T. donated the money we contribute for her great “coffee/bagel/etc” breakfast to buy more books.

We discussed how to focus our efforts and Eve suggested we focus on the schools of Georgia soldiers killed in Iraq. Eve will contact the Department of Defense for names/families and try to locate several names with connections in the extended metro area.

We will also look for non-profit organizations already working with Georgia military families and work with them and 920AMto raise some money for the books (they’ll also have the ability to receive donations from the public to help us buy more books).

We hope that we will have identified several soldiers/schools shortly. We want to see if the non-profit/920/the soldier’s family and the school would agree to a presentation of the books to the school library in honor of their fallen classmate with coverage by at least 920 and hopefully FOX and others -- especially if we can get these presentations done on holidays such as Memorial Day or the 4th of July.

Joel with 920AM will contact Seth to see if they/we can develop an appropriate bookplate that will mention the sponsors (ie, Bill, SMIA, non-profit and 920) plus have a very brief statement about the soldier, name/dates, etc.

We are hoping that the personal connection of the soldier to the school might awaken more interest among the students in America’s history. Perhaps if the family knows some bit of our history that interested/motivated/influenced the soldier that can be mentioned in the presentation/press release (and thus give the students a specific person/event they might like to read).

If someone knows of a fallen Georgia soldier (with a Georgia school tie) let us know.

Thanks to Linda Christensen for compiling/submitting notes about the meeting!

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Janice said...

Sounds like you girls made a lot of progress Saturday. I hated to miss and really look forward to our April meeting. Way go go!