Friday, May 9, 2008

Book Donation Project

Because we wanted to be more than a fan club, the Atlanta Chapter of Saturday Morning in America club wanted to do "something." Since we all love Bill and his books, we aimed to get America the Last Best Hope Volumes 1 & 2 into schools. On top of that, we felt that donating books would be a great way to honor fallen soldiers.

I am pleased to say that we have our first donation arranged. Salem High School in Conyers, Georgia has enthusiastically accepted a book donation in memory of PFC. Diego Rincon, class of 2001. Diego Rincon was one of the first soldiers to give his life in Iraq and he wasn't even a U.S. citizen. A native of Colombia, Diego and family immigrated when he was nine. So moved by the 9-11 attacks, the drama club star enlisted in the Army after graduation.

After he passed, Diego's family only wanted one thing; declare their son a U.S. citizen posthumously. Georgia's delegation worked on legislation so that Diego could be buried a hero and a U.S. citizen. Other non-citizens in the military or who give their lives for this country will be afforded the same honor, thanks to the Rincon family and the Georgia delegation.

PFC Diego Rincon is a most worthy example of why America is the last best hope and we are honored to to donate America the Last Best Hope in his memory, just in time for Memorial Day.

It so happened that my cousin is the band director at Salem High School. When I discovered that Diego was a Salem graduate, I asked to be put in touch with the library. They are as excited to receive the books as we are to give them.

We are in the process of identifying other soldiers and their high schools so we can continue this project. It's been a humbling and inspiring experience to read the stories of our fallen heroes. It is our hope that young people will not only read the books, but understand why so many have given and continue to give so much for our freedom.

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Susan (Woodstock) said...

Thanks, Eve, for getting us started on the book project. Nice work.