Saturday, May 17, 2008

May Meeting Update

We had another fun meeting last Saturday. Once again the food was delightful, and Linda and Rufus are the best hosts in town. It is so nice to be able to meet at the Pub. We can laugh, cry, fuss and discuss anything we want to. We had some new people join us, and that always makes the meetings interesting and brings new insight into our discussions.

Most of our discussion centered around our book project. It is getting off the ground, and with a little push from all of us, we can launch this project to the moon if we want to. Basically, we've organized the book project in the following manner: Each member who wants to do so will order a set of Bill's books in a store or online at Amazon. Have the books sent to Nan's house. Susan Schmidt will email Seth and ask him to send us some signed bookplates from Bill. Linda Terrill will make SMIA-Atlanta bookplates to add to Bill's, and Eve will help us get the books to the right place. Eve is in the process of getting the names of Georgia soldiers who have served in Iraq, and the books will be given to those soldiers' high school in memory or honor of him/her. We also talked about sending a set of the books (in paperback) to any soldiers that we know are currently in Iraq. Rather than collect money and have to keep track of it, if you want to participate, just order a set of books (best price on Amazon, and includes free shipping), pay for them, and have them shipped to Nan's house; we'll take it from there. Nan's address is :

Nan O'Brien
1706 Glen Echo Way
Marietta, GA 30062

The Atlanta Chapter's Blog was another discussion. We would like to keep it up to date and we want people to feel some ownership in the Chapter's Blog. Therefore, if you would like to post on the blog, please send Linda Terrill an email and she'll set up permissions. Her email address is: The blog site is http://www.atlantasmia.blogspot/.

There was some talk about perhaps composing a mission statement for our Chapter. Right now the feeling seems to be that the majority would like to keep it more informal, keeping in mind that we are a social outlet for like-minded women. We can always come back to the topic later on.

As usual, we had a lively talk about the McCain factor. It's no secret that many of us "like-minded" women are not "alike" on voting for McCain. I guess this will all sort out by November.

Our next meeting is Saturday, June 14. Hope to see everybody there.


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