Sunday, July 13, 2008

SMIA Atlanta Guest Speaker: Linda Herren

On Saturday, the Atlanta SMIA chapter welcomed Linda Herren, the National Committeewoman for the Republican party in Georgia. She is a fanstastic speaker and really energized our group. We learned how the delegate system works from the precinct level to the national level. Ms. Herren along with Georgia's other delegates are off to Minneapolis in September where the delegates will cast their votes for the candidates as the state voted back in February. Mike Huckabee will get most of the delegate votes, then Romney and McCain. After two calls, then the delegates will get to vote as a state for John McCain.

Our group also had the opportunity to voice our opinions about hot topics like gas prices, immigration and such. Ms. Herren gave us a great resource and an opportunity to make our voices heard where it really counts, in the platform committee. You can go to and comment on any issue you choose. We were promised that the comments will go in a large file and be a part of the convention as they consider the party platform. Also our comments will go to John McCain.

Here is your opportunity to get involved in the political process at the grassroots level. We asked Ms. Herren about how best to help get "our people" elected in the fall. Her advice was to talk to everyone you know, your neighbor, hairdresser, co-workers, church members, family, friends etc. Talk about the issues and come armed with information. You can get more information from She reminded us that the person who writes the big check has one vote, and you and I have one vote. Make your vote count! Other myths to dispell, jury duty comes from DMV, utility bills, property taxes and not from the voter rolls. So make sure everyone you know is registered to vote. If you know someone unable to vote on election day, get them an absentee ballott application, it can be downloaded. Help your elderly friends and relatives by assiting them with filling out the absentee application, then follow up and make sure they use that absentee ballott.

This election will be a crucial turning point for our country. As Ms. Herren pointed out, the next president will probably have 4 supreme court nominations. At this time in our government, that is the most critical point to consider. Who do you want making those appointments? Although we may not be happy with the two guys on the list and we may feel like we're picking from the lesser of the two evils, really consider who will appoint whom the supreme court. Do you want Hillary Clinton on the Supreme Court? Or do you want another Clarence Thomas, Roberts or Alito?

Lastly, Ms. Herren passed out little toy soliders to everyone in our group. She asked that we place the solider somewhere where we can see it every day and to say a prayer for our men and women fighting overseas each time we see the soldier.

Our SMIA chapter thanks Linda Herren for her time and insight. It was a fascinating and inspiring converstation. Anyone who wants to get involved in the political process can, regardless of your occupation or income. If you have time to give and the passion for conservatism, you are wanted and needed for grassroots campaigns.

Also we had several new members this meeting, including a Ukrainian native, Inna, who baked us delicious traditional Ukrainian cookies. Inna charmed us with her perspective as an immigrant to the country, and her love for Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. We're looking forward to meeting more new people at our next meeting, the 2nd Saturday in August.

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Susan (Woodstock) said...

This is a great summary of our July Meeting. Only thing I would add is that once again, Linda and Rufus put on a great breakfast spread at O'Terrill's Irish Pub in Midtown! We are truly spoiled.