Friday, August 15, 2008

McCain/ Liberman???

Hugh Hewitt claimed on his show that sources says Sen. Liberman is high up on McCain's VP list.
Just curious, could you vote for McCain/Liberman ? I for one could not/ would not. I would begin campaigning for Bob Barr. I was excited to have my email stating that be read on Hugh's show to Fred Barnes. I don't like Bob Barr, he is not a likeable or nice person, but if McCain is turning his back on us by selecting a pro-war socialist as VP, then I can not vote for that ticket.

I would hope that McCain would try to sure up his conservative base with a bold, strong conservative choice for VP. Duncan Hunter comes to mind. I still like Bobby Jindal but I don't think he'll be the one. I like the Gov. of Alaska. She doesn't bring in a needed state, however, she just might bring over some jilted Hillary voters. Romney would be fine since he has the most business sense of all of them. Charlie Crist (FL) makes a bad picture and he's anti drilling, and Tom Ridge is pro-choice. Doubful he'll be bringing the Christian Coalition on his coat tails. Your thoughts on VP?

One last thing, John McCain will be in Atlanta on Monday. If you have a spare $2,300, you have a dinner with him at the Mariott Marquis. If you have an extra $50,000 you can get a semi-private meeting. But there is no rally, no open to the public event. He doesn't even have a campaign staff in our state. This info comes from his staff in Tallahassee, FL.. I'm not sure you can ignore Georgia and assume it's in the bag. Bob Barr will take away more votes here than anywhere else. A bad VP choice and Georgia will go Obama quickly.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Meeting August 9th

We had a great meeting today on the air conditioned breezeway of O'Terrill's Pub. Thanks to Linda and Rufus for always making these meetings so easy! Eve and Marian updated members on the convention and the preparations for the next one. Since Bill is now interested in attending, we're looking for an October/ November 2009 time frame in San Antonio, TX. This is just in the formation stage and subject to change, but starting a SMIA fund might not be a bad idea. You don't want to miss the convention! It was amazing.

Some topic notes from our meeting: We applauded Represenatives Tom Price, Phil Gingrey and Lynn Westmorland for standing up for us by keeping the drilling movement alive why the rest of the House is on vacation. These gentlemen are true leaders and we need to let them know we appreciate their efforts.

We had a big discussion about Saxby Chambliss on Rush Limbaugh Friday defending his "gang of 10" plan. Most of us are disgusted with Saxby at this point and are tired of having to always point him in the right direction. Nevertheless, Saxby and Sen. Iskacson are both in need of reality check. We encourage you to call their offices (8:00-5:30 M-F) and let them know how you feel about the Gang of 10 compromise. Caroline provided these links so you can familiarize yourself with the topic.

For those of you who are interested in the proposed "compromise" (rollover, eh?) on energy, here's some background:
The WSJ editorial:
Transcript of Saxby's call to Rush (like Madonna, no last names needed!):
Saxby's and Johnny's press release on 8/1 (isn't the best time to release bad news on a Friday? John Edwards could tell us.):
If you have lots of time (no sniggering), Saxby's forum on his campaign site has some interesting comments:

We all felt that Paris Hilton has the best energy plan on the table so far, and that's in all seriousness.

We had 2 new members, including Gail (forgive me if my memory is not correct), a former Canadian and RN in both Canada and the US. She has extensive, inside knowledge of both forms of health care and provided us a wealth of information. We hope to hear her on Dr. Bennett's show soon.

Also a big thanks to Pat Lindgren brought a new set of books. We will effort getting these in Shiloh high school, in memory of a soldier.

Some housekeeping items: Janet in Philly is looking to divest her involvement in national SMIA since her family responsibilities have increased. We discussed and agreed that a board of directors would work well. We are in support of that with each chapter having a chapter leader who stays in touch with the board.

Linda Terrill will be in denial on election day because she'll be on The Nile river. In light of that, we have moved the November meeting to November 1st, the first Saturday. This will serve as our pre-election pep rally. You will go home from that meeting informed voters (as if you weren't already).

Our December meeting will actually be a Christmas party on Saturday, December 6th. Spouses, dates, friends are welcome, even if they are a little "left behind". We'll decide a time at the next meeting. Also, we'll do a collection for a military charity, to be determined at the next meeting. This will be a pot-luck party with a cash bar, and be at O'Terrill's.

If you are interested in meeting as a group for an election night watch party, please let me know at Depending on who would like to attend, we can pick a place convenient to most, also I will be able to find out where certain groups have scheduled celebrations.

If you want to be a part of the SMIA yahoo group, email They'll add you to the group. You can check it out at

Rufus Terrill will be making a big announcement soon- so stay tuned.

Thank you all for coming and sharing with us. Each month is so refreshing and exciting to meet with like minded women. I know I look forward to it all month long. Feel free to post responses, or make your own blog.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA)

Join me in congratulating our own Rep. Tom Price for delaying his vacation and joining yesterday's Republican revolt. It looks like we might have some leadership after all. I encourage you to email or call his office and give him a big bravo for being the only one from Georgia to stand up to Nancy Pelosi. If we want a vote on drilling, we need to make our voices heard.