Friday, August 15, 2008

McCain/ Liberman???

Hugh Hewitt claimed on his show that sources says Sen. Liberman is high up on McCain's VP list.
Just curious, could you vote for McCain/Liberman ? I for one could not/ would not. I would begin campaigning for Bob Barr. I was excited to have my email stating that be read on Hugh's show to Fred Barnes. I don't like Bob Barr, he is not a likeable or nice person, but if McCain is turning his back on us by selecting a pro-war socialist as VP, then I can not vote for that ticket.

I would hope that McCain would try to sure up his conservative base with a bold, strong conservative choice for VP. Duncan Hunter comes to mind. I still like Bobby Jindal but I don't think he'll be the one. I like the Gov. of Alaska. She doesn't bring in a needed state, however, she just might bring over some jilted Hillary voters. Romney would be fine since he has the most business sense of all of them. Charlie Crist (FL) makes a bad picture and he's anti drilling, and Tom Ridge is pro-choice. Doubful he'll be bringing the Christian Coalition on his coat tails. Your thoughts on VP?

One last thing, John McCain will be in Atlanta on Monday. If you have a spare $2,300, you have a dinner with him at the Mariott Marquis. If you have an extra $50,000 you can get a semi-private meeting. But there is no rally, no open to the public event. He doesn't even have a campaign staff in our state. This info comes from his staff in Tallahassee, FL.. I'm not sure you can ignore Georgia and assume it's in the bag. Bob Barr will take away more votes here than anywhere else. A bad VP choice and Georgia will go Obama quickly.

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