Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA)

Join me in congratulating our own Rep. Tom Price for delaying his vacation and joining yesterday's Republican revolt. It looks like we might have some leadership after all. I encourage you to email or call his office and give him a big bravo for being the only one from Georgia to stand up to Nancy Pelosi. If we want a vote on drilling, we need to make our voices heard.


Eve Trader said...

Update: The revolt contiues Monday thanks to our Representative Tom Price! The Democrats control CSPAN so you won't find it there, but no doubt FOX News and hopefully some others will let the American people know.

Anonymous said...

I met with Tom Price at the WGKA event Monday, July 28th at Dave and Busters. Good time.

Also saw him interviewed on FoxNews on Sunday. He was mentioned on Laura Ingraham's show on Monday when Mike Pence was being interviewed about the Republican "sit-in". I sent him a fax yesterday thanking him for standing up for us. Glad he is getting the exposure.

Susan said...

forget the "anonymous" signature! It was me!