Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our September meeting

WOW! What a turnout! We had about 25 ladies at our September Saturday Morning in America meeting, old friends and new faces alike. It was wonderful to meet everyone. We are all so excited about Sarah Palin and it shows.
Some housekeeping items upfront...
SMIA Happy Hour- Friday, Sept 26th at O'Terrill's Pub, 6pm. We'll watch the SMIA convention DVD and enjoy a friendly night out. All are welcome. Please let me know if you plan to come so we can arrange tables. (

The next meeting is the 2nd Saturday in October at O'Terrill's Pub. There is a possibility of a guest speaker from Saxby Chambliss' campaign. We have warned him it could be hostile territory as we're all pretty upset about the Gang of 16 energy fiasco. Please continue to write, email and call both of our Senators and tell them we don't like this proposal to limit drilling to 50 miles out and to only a handful of states.

Our November meeting will be early, Nov. 1st. This will be an election pep rally and it's Caroline's birthday. We have a spirited rally and birthday cake.

I am putting out feelers for an election night watch party. Depending on who all wants to come, we'll find a centrally located and hopefully friendly place to either celebrate or cry in our beer. (we hope it's a celebration) Tuesday, Nov. 4th from about 8pm-until. Email me at if you are interested in getting together for election night.

Our December meeting will be a Christmas party in the evening. Spouses, partners, friends are welcome. Cash bar and
pot luck. For Christmas, we will be collecting items for the ladies of liberty wing of Soldier's angels. We're looking for girly stuff for our brave women overseas who miss the luxuries of nice shampoo, fruity soaps and a good chick flick. Susan's niece has served in Iraq and will help give us an idea of the most wanted items. More details to come.

White Sock Collection- at the request of our San Antonio SMIA sisters, we are collecting white tube socks for Soldier's angels. These will go in Christmas packages. We had a great collection today and we'll also collect more next meeting.

Book Donation- Belinda hand delivered our donated copy of America the Last Best Hope, Vol. 1 & 2 to Salem High School in memory of PFC Deigo Rincon. They were very grateful and we have some lovely pictures that we'll post. Our next goal is to get them to Shiloh high school in memory of 2 soldiers from that school killed in Afghanistan earlier this year.

Join the national SMIA yahoo group- After our convention, we set up a yahoo group for SMIA so we could keep talking to each other. If you would like to join up, go to and type in saturdaymorninginamerica (like that-all together)
in the search bar and you'll get right there. Click to join and Jenny, the Philly girl who sings on Bill's show, will send you an email. Most of the ladies on the board are ones who call the show. It's been great fun getting to know everyone. The rules are the posts must keep in line with Bill's motto- candor, intelligent and good will.

If you have never been to one of our meetings, we invite you to check us out. We're simply a group of conservative women who enjoy fellowship with like minded women. We come together because we're fans of Bill Bennett's Morning in America and many other talk shows. In the process, we are educating ourselves on the big issues so we can be informed voters. We had lots of new people, and Susan brought her sister-in-law from Seattle. We hope SMIA will spread to the North West. There is no membership fee, just $5 for the wonderful breakfast we have at our meetings. We are so energized and empowered by Sarah Palin and it's so much fun to share our excitement. We also have a service mission of actively supporting our military through Soldier's Angels, Honor Flight and by donating America the Last Best Hope to high schools in memory of fallen soldiers.

Lastly, the SMIA story- two ladies in the Philadelphia area, Janet and Jenny, kept calling Bill's show. They asked to get in touch so they could meet for coffee on a Saturday morning and it took off from there. Soon chapters were popping up everywhere. Our chapter is a year old this month. Our symbol is the Betsy Ross flag, because we got started in Philly. We say the pledge, support our troops and love our President. You can go to to check out the other chapters.

See you at the Happy Hour- Eve

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Price of Freedom Video

Lynn Anderson, a Saturday Morning in America sister in San Antonio, shared a video she put together as a remerance of 9/11. Thought you'd all like to view it:

This is an important reminder that we should never forget what happened that tragic day!