Friday, October 31, 2008


Reminder: Exceptions to our "normal" 2nd Saturday 9AM meetings:

November--FIRST Saturday, November 1, at 9AM.

O'Terrill's Pub on Piedmonnt (one block north of the Civic Center) - Free parking. It's okay to double park in the parking lot or park on the street along Piedmont.

Dear Mr. Obama

I thought this was an excellent video by one of our brave soldiers!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Reminder: Exceptions to our "normal" 2nd Saturday 9AM meetings:
November--FIRST Saturday, November 1, at 9AM.
December--FIRST Saturday, December 6, at 9AM. Due to schedules, we've decided to have a morning meeting early in the month (rather that the evening/family/spouse gathering discussed).

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Meeting on 10-11

We had a full house for our October meeting. There sure is a lot to talk about. Linda is working on a partnering with The National Museum of Patriotism expected to open in January. We're also energized by the campaigns. Our next meeting is an election Pep Rally of sorts on November 1st. We now have a yahoo group where we can send things back and forth through the group. If you didn't get an email invite and want one, please email me at

Thanks for all the socks! I shipped 15 pounds of white socks to Soldier's Angels today for the Christmas Care packages for the troops. We will be collecting socks at our next meeting too. They are looking for white tube socks and cash donations for shipping. I enclosed 25 dollars in our shipment today because some of you had contributed cash for shipping.

The SMIA convention video was enjoyed by all. I have the master disc and can make copies for anyone who wants one. I'm hearing buzz that the next convention might be as early as March in San Antonio. Nothing's firm yet, but that's not too far away so I wanted to let you know that's being tossed around.

I look forward to more exchanges in the yahoo group and on this blog.

One last thing, the other side has machines out there that get out the vote. We just have ourselves. Make sure you ask everyone you know if they are planning to vote, inform them of the facts and if there is an issue with voting (transportation, not in town) do what you can to make sure they get to vote. I know some of us have voted, I am going to do early voting the week before the election. The lines will be longer than you've ever experienced, there could be some unrest. I don't want to take any chances. Right now you can vote at your County elections office. The week before more places open up. I know there are about 7 in Dekalb. I did this for the primary and it's remarkably easy. Also educate yourself on the amendments on the ballot so you will understand the language and not get thrown off. They're worded in legal-ese.

See you all in just a few weeks on November 1st!!! Until then, keep the faith and believe in miracles.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Meeting This Saturday

Hello Ladies, I am looking forward to our meeting on Saturday. I'm giving up a football game to come, but I would rather be at our SMIA meeting than a football game.

I wanted to pass on a couple of links that have been on the yahoo SMIA group. It's really amazing how people are using this "new media" to get the word out. Grassroots efforts are utilizing these tools to finally give us a voice because it's become even more clear that we have no voice in any "old media" outside of talk radio.
This is 10 minutes long, but worth every second. Blast everyone you know with this youtube video. It's a game changer in the right hands.
You don't have to be Catholic to appreciate the message in this video.

See all of you on Saturday! We'll watch the SMIA convention DVD. It's truly wonderful. Everyone involved put their heart and soul into the video and it shows.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

SMIA Atlanta Member - Letter to the Editor

Kudos to Susan Schmidt for standing up for life. Here's a link to her published letter to the editor.