Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote Today

The 10 reasons I am optimistic about this election....
1) We are still a nation of Faith. I have received and am participating in many prayer chains. The Catholics are unified, the Evangelicals will turn out in droves and the rest of us Christians see our freedom of religion and speech threatened.
2) People do vote their checkbooks
3) Many people they are counting as democrats registered as such to vote in the primaries, like me. I registered as a democrat to vote against Cynthia McKinney 2 years ago and judging by my mail, they still think I am a democrat.
4) Most people are not talking to the pollsters. The numbers you see are based on small samples of 600-800 people, those who actually answer their phones. When's the last time you answered an unknown number?
5) They don't poll in "red states" like Georgia.
6) Not all African Americans support Obama. We in Georgia have a very large middle and upper middle class African American population. These are intelligent, educated people who can do the math. The African American conservative movement is on the rise.
7) OH, PA, WV- Obama says he wants to bankrupt the coal industry. My husband's family were coal miners in WV and I can tell you the coal comment didn't sit well.
8) OH, PA, WV- They were called "racists" and "rednecks" and they cling to "guns and religion"- that didn't sit well either.
9) Don't underestimate the women's vote. We do outnumber the men, many feel cheated out of Hillary and see a chance with Sarah Palin. She has energized women of all ages, incomes and education levels no matter their political affiliation.
10) Joe the Plumber- and all like him. Our nation is built on small businesses. No where else in the world can you do this, start out with a few dollars and a dream and turn it into a profit. Small business owners will fight to protect their way of life. Obama will cut their legs out from underneath them.

bonus 11) Our nation is created by God. We are the divine experiment. Our foundation is solid, our documents have and will survived the test of time. We have been through bad presidents before and we'll have bad leadership again. We will withstand it. Our brilliant forefathers designed it that way. Have faith.

Go McCain/ Palin/ Chambliss

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