Monday, April 27, 2009

How to tell when you listen to too much talk radio

A few weeks ago I dropped my old shortwave radio (circa 1992?) while listening
to Bill. I'm quite clumsy right after I get up. I use the old shortwave
because it sucks in the AM signal so well.

Well, it turned on after having hit the floor and bouncing of the cats' water
fountain. I was relieved. But then I realized it was stuck on WGKA 920. I thought
it was telling me something...since I would no longer be able to turn to Rush or
Boortz on this particular radio. Well, I could handle that.

And then it recovered a couple days later. Very strange...

It's true - the "zombie" clip

Have you seen the clip from The Ghost Breakers with Bob Hope? Yes, the crack about zombies is true.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From Precinct to County to Congressional District

In February and March, I attended my precinct meeting and the DeKalb County Convention for the GOP. On Saturday, April 18, I attended the 4th Congressional District Meeting, which included delegates from DeKalb, Gwinnett, and Rockdale. I'm still not sure what the purpose is of each step, other than electing delegates to go to the next level, including to the Georgia GOP convention in May. I did find the "secret" of the district meeting when I read the bylaws. During presidential election years, delegates to the national convention are elected during this meeting.

May Meeting - Bring Cards

I will be collecting blank cards at the May meetings. These cards are meant to build a card store for the soldiers, so they can send them back to their families. They can be birthday cards for all ages, I miss you, I love you, Happy Anniversary, or just blank(no occassion) cards. These can be hand made or store bought. The Chaplains say that this is a real morale booster because it's kind of hard to find a Hallmark store in the middle of the desert. If you want to help out, this will be an easy way to send some love overseas. Letters of appreciation will also be collected, so if you want to write some at home and bring them with you, I'll include them in my packet to the Chaplains.

See you May 9th.

Next Meeting May 9th- Packing Party June 13th

The next meeting of the Saturday Morning in America group, Atlanta chapter will be on May 9th at 9am, O'Terrill's pub in Midtown. This will be a regular meeting to discuss the world around us and maybe identify some "rising stars".

Our June meeting will be a packing party for Soldier's Angels- Chaplain team. In addition to treats for soldiers, our Chaplains are requesting children's items for the local kids. Small toys, clothing, shoes, jackets, candy, dolls (nothing too revealing) are also requested. Gently used are okay. I know many of you are holding garage sales or have children/ grandchildren. If you find anything you would like to send, please bring it. Just remember that everything goes in those flate rate boxes.

We'll also be asking for hot weather items for soldiers like water guns, water balloons, beach balls, sunscreen, lip balm and non melting treats.

I'll pass out the wish list at our May meeting, but I just wanted you to be aware that we will be accepting children's items too.

See you all on May 9th!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Museum of Patriotism

We had a great trip to the Museum of Patriotism. The displays are fantastic and there is a new exhibit coming soon. If you are downtown, you should check it out. Enjoy the photos. Our next meeting will be a regular meeting on May 9th. Our June meeting will be another packing party. I noticed some water guns at Walmart in the beach section. Water guns, beach balls, water balloons and other hot weather items will be much appreciated. I think we should steer clear of chocolate this time. Also, sunscreen, lip balm, gum, hard candy, snacks, nuts and even those ice pops you have have to freeze would be good items too.
If you need any inspiration please see this email I got from one of my adopted soldiers. Trust me, it made every long wait at the post office worth it 10 times over!
Ms. Eve Trader, I have received several packages from you and the
Soldiers Angels Organization. One of my Soldiers signed me up for this
after noticing that everyone in my unit was receiving mail from their
love ones expect for me. Also to tell you the trust you guys were the
only folks that ever send me any mail since I've been deployed here to
Iraq. It's a shame that I have a wife and 4 kids ages 11 -17 and neither
one send me a piece of mail, not a post card, nothing. It's ok because
my wife is under a lot of stress from the deployment and I'm used to
never receiving anything from anyone. God does work in mysterious ways
and may he continue to bless you and your organization for all the
sacrifice, time, and contributions that you made for myself and other
deploy Soldiers.

You can adopt a solider at, all it requires is a package once a month. You can see how the little things mean something.

Friday, April 17, 2009

SMIA Meeting Tomorrow at Museum of Patriotism

Don't forget, the SMIA meeting is tomorrow, at the museum of Patriotism. Linda's worked hard to get us a group rate. Please make every effort to come and bring your kids/ spouse/ friend/ neighbor. It will be an unforgettable experience.

If you plan to meet at the pub and car pool, please let Linda know Or you can go and meet up in the lobby before 10:30. Our tour begins at 10:30. The museum of Patriotism is at Centennial Park and it should be a gorgeous day to enjoy the park! Park in the Hilton Garden self park lot (off Marietta street). You can purchase discounted parking at the museum for only $5. The ticket is $10 to the museum (Linda also got a discount for that).

I can't think of a better weekend to support the Museum of Patriotism after this week's historic display of Patriotism and American liberty at its best. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Atlanta Tea Party Tomorrow (Tax Day)

Greetings all, I am down to the wire on my big giant tea bag! I'll be working with the glue gun tonight. My awesome T-E-A shirt came yesterday and I'm happy to say I bought it from a small business vendor on ebay. They are 9-12ers and making more Glenn Beck shirts. It was great to business with people who aren't make shirts for both sides, just making conservative themed shirts. I'll wear it Saturday to the museum.
If anyone is going to a Tea Party, let me know. We can try to meet up. I hope you'll take this opportunity to stand up for conservative Americans.
Pictures to come....


Taxed Enough Already

Monday, April 6, 2009

Museum of Patriotism

With everyone getting ready for Easter weekend, we want to remind you that our SMIA meeting is next Saturday, April 18th and it's a field trip to the Musuem of Patriotism. Please bring your family, kids, neighbors' kids etc as we support this wonderful museum in its new location.
We'll meet at the pub at 10 to carpool, or you can park over there. The museum is now in the Centennial Park area which also has the aquarium, the World of Coke and CNN center.
We will not be serving breakfast, but if you want to get lunch in groups after the tour, feel free. Our goal to form a partnership with the Museum of Patriotism and find ways to support it throughout the year. Stay tuned for coming info on ticket prices and parking, but please save the date for this exciting SMIA field trip:)


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Atlanta Tea Party Links

See Eve's post below...I hear she is making a giant teabag to guarantee some TV time on Hannity! ;-0

Atlanta Tea Party site

Tax Day Tea Party

Friday, April 3, 2009

SMIA girl gets published.

Janice from Troy, MI wrote a thoughtful op/ed and was published in her local paper. This is a great example of how we still have a voice and can right this ship.
Way to go Janice!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party

Just hearing about the Tax Day Tea Party at the State Capitol on April 15th.
John Rich from Big & Rich will be there as well as Huckabee and the Fair Taxers and Sean Hannity's FOX show.

I will be going. Should we form a group an try to meet up?
Luckily, they figured out that people upset by taxes actually work and can't make a mid-day thing. This would be an evening thing.

Let's have a great SMIA showing! We can follow up with a round at the Pub too.