Monday, April 27, 2009

How to tell when you listen to too much talk radio

A few weeks ago I dropped my old shortwave radio (circa 1992?) while listening
to Bill. I'm quite clumsy right after I get up. I use the old shortwave
because it sucks in the AM signal so well.

Well, it turned on after having hit the floor and bouncing of the cats' water
fountain. I was relieved. But then I realized it was stuck on WGKA 920. I thought
it was telling me something...since I would no longer be able to turn to Rush or
Boortz on this particular radio. Well, I could handle that.

And then it recovered a couple days later. Very strange...


Susan ~ SMIA ~ ATL said...

So I guess I need to get a short wave radio! It is difficult to sit at my computer for the first part of Morning in America...especially since we got a little puppy who does not care about Morning in America when she has 'to go'.

Linda Terrill, Buckhead said...

Yes, the time has come to make the great leap to short wave!