Monday, April 20, 2009

Museum of Patriotism

We had a great trip to the Museum of Patriotism. The displays are fantastic and there is a new exhibit coming soon. If you are downtown, you should check it out. Enjoy the photos. Our next meeting will be a regular meeting on May 9th. Our June meeting will be another packing party. I noticed some water guns at Walmart in the beach section. Water guns, beach balls, water balloons and other hot weather items will be much appreciated. I think we should steer clear of chocolate this time. Also, sunscreen, lip balm, gum, hard candy, snacks, nuts and even those ice pops you have have to freeze would be good items too.
If you need any inspiration please see this email I got from one of my adopted soldiers. Trust me, it made every long wait at the post office worth it 10 times over!
Ms. Eve Trader, I have received several packages from you and the
Soldiers Angels Organization. One of my Soldiers signed me up for this
after noticing that everyone in my unit was receiving mail from their
love ones expect for me. Also to tell you the trust you guys were the
only folks that ever send me any mail since I've been deployed here to
Iraq. It's a shame that I have a wife and 4 kids ages 11 -17 and neither
one send me a piece of mail, not a post card, nothing. It's ok because
my wife is under a lot of stress from the deployment and I'm used to
never receiving anything from anyone. God does work in mysterious ways
and may he continue to bless you and your organization for all the
sacrifice, time, and contributions that you made for myself and other
deploy Soldiers.

You can adopt a solider at, all it requires is a package once a month. You can see how the little things mean something.

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Caroline said...

What a great update. Thanks for including the note from one of our "angel soldiers."