Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another fix for the talk radio junkies - Fred Thompson

Did you know Fred's show started a few months ago? After listening to it, I would call it the Fred and Jeri Show, because she has an active role in the show. It's now on a few AM stations in the Atlanta metro, plus you can listen to it live on the web or get the show later for free from iTunes. Note: you don't need an iPod or an MP3 player. You can download iTunes and listen to the show on your computer.

FYI for newbies to iTunes - it is relatively quick to download, but usually takes some time to install.

Here are the stations and airtimes:



P.S. I just looked around his updated site. You don't need iTunes to listen to archived shows, unless you want to download them to a player (I've been downloading and listening on my iPhone). He's now got an archive page.

The Obama First 100 days event was fantastic. 1000 turned out for a sold out event. Thanks to WGKA for excellent seats and excellent treatment. I guess when you listen to these guys 3 hours a day each, 2 hours seems like such a short time. It was wonderful to see so many candidates in attendance too. Please enjoy the photos.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New like-minded friends for your conservative teens

The "allied" organizations of the GA GOP spoke at the convention this weekend, including the very articulate young chairman of the Republican teen group. They are a group of teens who are interested in influencing elections even though they can't vote yet. Thinking of Carolyn's and Marlene's daughters, my mother picked up some literature that she'll bring to the next meeting. There are some websites, but they don't seem to be up to date. The teen Republicans will be having a convention at the "Gold Dome" in Atlanta in July.

I'll make you join another site

So, I was one of the cool kids who was twittering while on the floor at the Georgia GOP Convention in Savannah this weekend. But you will probably have to join Twitter to see these.

Here's Saxby Chambliss.

The fantastic guest speaker for the Friday night dinner and the Saturday main session - J.C. Watts

Another fantastic guest speaker for the Saturday breakfast (I did not attend that) and the main session on Saturday - Michael Steele.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Steve from Albany must have been tall...or a tenor

Did you hear Steve from Albany call before 8:00 this morning? He complained that he became a conservative after having sung in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus for several years. He must be tall or a tenor. He obviously wasn't seated near my father, who is short (front row) and a bass and conservative!

Monday, May 11, 2009

100 Days Event

Ladies - I was hunting around the WGKA or the Townhall site to find out more about the event on 5/19 and I found this page:

The VIP reception starts at 5:30. The main event starts at 7:30. Let me know or email others or post here if you hear anything else.

One more Iraq photo

Great meeting on Saturday

Thanks to all the ladies who brought blank cards for Lt. Doug and the Marines. I sent them along with DVDs and a few baggies from home I put together. I'm sure Lt. Doug and his men & women appreciate your kind gestures.

Next meeting we'll do a full on packing party for Soldier's Angels. Think summer, think hot, think candy and games and water balloon, etc.
Our next meeting will be on June 13th at 9am at O'Terrill's pub.

Also, we can send stuff in our packages for children. I've attached a few pics from Iraq of children receiving gifts. If you're planning on bringing something for kids think small and cuddly. We discourage Barbies because they might be too revealing.

SMIA will get a mention at the Obama's first 100 days event next week. Stay tuned for pictures and a report from this exicitng event. Many of us are going and WGKA is arranging for us and our spouses/dates/friends to sit together and be recognized.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SMIA Meeting this Saturday

The May meeting of the Atlanta SMIA chapter is this Saturday, 9 am at O'Terrill's Pub in midtown. Breakfast is $5. This will be a regular meeting of SMIA to talk about Obama's first 100 days and our summer plans. We look forward to members old and new!
See you there.

PS- I am collecting blank cards to stock the Baghdad "Hallmark" store. These can be any occasion, no occasion or hand made. If you feel called, please bring a card.