Monday, May 11, 2009

Great meeting on Saturday

Thanks to all the ladies who brought blank cards for Lt. Doug and the Marines. I sent them along with DVDs and a few baggies from home I put together. I'm sure Lt. Doug and his men & women appreciate your kind gestures.

Next meeting we'll do a full on packing party for Soldier's Angels. Think summer, think hot, think candy and games and water balloon, etc.
Our next meeting will be on June 13th at 9am at O'Terrill's pub.

Also, we can send stuff in our packages for children. I've attached a few pics from Iraq of children receiving gifts. If you're planning on bringing something for kids think small and cuddly. We discourage Barbies because they might be too revealing.

SMIA will get a mention at the Obama's first 100 days event next week. Stay tuned for pictures and a report from this exicitng event. Many of us are going and WGKA is arranging for us and our spouses/dates/friends to sit together and be recognized.

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