Thursday, May 14, 2009

Steve from Albany must have been tall...or a tenor

Did you hear Steve from Albany call before 8:00 this morning? He complained that he became a conservative after having sung in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus for several years. He must be tall or a tenor. He obviously wasn't seated near my father, who is short (front row) and a bass and conservative!


Susan ~ SMIA ~ ATL said...

Yes! He was a real good sport to sing on the air. You could tell he was not planning on that!

I believe he also said he drove up from Albany, GA to attend the ATL Tea Party and called to dispell the myth that Tea Party attendees were all white (read: RACIST!). He said he saw all types and was heartened by the diversity of the event.

And what a nice, masculine, voice!

Susan ~ SMIA ~ ATL said...

Oh, and a P.S.

He probably uses Barbasol!