Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Next SMIA-Atlanta Meeting: September 12

With everyone's busy summer holiday schedules, we took July and August off and will resume our monthly Saturday morning breakfast schedule in September. We're going to kick off fall by filling goodie bags for the troops again. This project was such a huge success in the spring, and the troops really appreciate our efforts and the treats we send. And, the project was so much fun – lots of laughs, lots of fellowship, lots of great friendships! New members are always welcome.

Please bring quart size baggies and small items that can be put in them. Some suggestions are nuts, chips, skittles, sour candy, slim jims, CDs, action movies, liquid body soap for men, bar soap, boxers, boot socks in all sizes, toilet paper packets, baby wipes, razors, shaving cream, toys for children, flavored coffee. The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. Things that we take for granted can be considered "luxuries" when you're "over there". They love candies, tootsie pops, chewing gum, mints, etc.

There will be a new national website for the Saturday girls coming soon. In the meantime, for information about joining chapters throughout the United States, email smiaacrossamerica@us.com.

Photo is of Belinda presenting Jean O'Kelley, Media Specialist at Salem High School in Conyers, GA. Bill Bennett's two-volume history set to the school in memory of PFC Diego Rincon. The school also has a scholarship in his memory.

See you all at O'Terrill's Pub on Saturday, September 12!!

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