Saturday, September 26, 2009

Treats for the Troops - the video

If sugar equals caring, we have a lot of it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Treats for the Troops - Photos!

Soldier's angels Chaplain project

Special thanks to all of you who helped with the Soldier's Angel's Chaplain project! We had 22 boxes, and we had $78 left over after shipping. I will hold on to the money for next time. Keith and I took 15 boxes to the post office right after the meeting. We met some former military folks who couldn't stop thanking us for remembering the soldiers. I can't wait to tell the folks at soldier's angels what all we did! We estimate 400 baggies were sent. That's 400 soldiers serving away from home and family who will know how much we appreciate them. I think we can all agree it was a fun project and we'll certainly do it again.
If you feel moved to do something like this on your own, please visit and adopt a soldier. You will get a name and address of a soldier or sailor and you send cards and packages at least once a month. You can even pick branch of service or male/ female. Thanks to everyone for being so generous with your time and money. I think it was a great way to celebrate being an American.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12th Meeting

I just wanted to say that today's meeting was great! Packing all those boxes felt really good, and we all sure make a good team. I am glad to be a part of such a great group of gals.
The funny thing is that Obama wants 9/11 to be a day of "Service and Rememberance". I can't wait to hear what Bill thinks of that, but I do know that Glenn (and most of the people who follow him on the Insider Forum) feels that 9/11 shoud be a day of rememberance, and 9/12 should be the day of service. 9/11 was hell on earth and should be remembered as such.
Many on that forum feel that by putting the two together, it will dilute the importance and memory of that horrific day, when we came face to face with our enemy. That is what we can never forget. 9/12 was the day we came together as brothers & sisters, as Americans united. That is the feeling that should be recaptured on 9/12.
Well, coincidentally, that is exactly what we did. 9/12 was our day of serivce. Well done!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

DeKalb Republican Annual BBQ - 8/28/09

I attended the DeKalb County GOP's annual BBQ last Saturday. There were over 250 people in attendance, 100 more than last year. (Hmm. I wonder why?) It was very crowded, hot, and noisy...well, the noise levels would depend on your tolerance for bad Elvis impersonators. All the state-wide candidates were there to speak, shake hands, and kiss babies. I was standing in line for my BBQ and saw a familiar-looking man walk by. It was Tom Price and his wife. It turns out he has a bit of northern DeKalb county in his district (aren't they lucky). He and Johnny Isakson spoke briefly before the state candidates began. There was a straw poll, and Karen Handel won the governor's race. I've been wavering between her and Eric Johnson, but I voted for her in the straw poll. As with the many county meetings I attended at the beginning of the year, I'm not sure what business was accomplished. Nevertheless, it was interesting.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Packing and Shipping for Soldier's Angels

One more thing about our project on the 12th, We will need APO (military) flat rate boxes. Last time we made 12 boxes. I figure we'll make about the same this time.
If you're in a post office over the next week ask for a couple of military flat rate boxes.If you see any large white customs forms, grab those too. Military boxes must be shipped from the post office counter and they must have a customs form. Each box is about $12 to ship. When we're packed up, you can adopt a box and ship it yourself, or if you are able to pitch in a few dollars to help cover shipping, that would be great. If you can't contribute financially, we still need your help to assemble these great goodie bags. Your time and effort are a huge help to our troops overseas. Remember, you can include personal notes and cards to tell our heroes how much we appreciate them.

Soldier's Angels Project Update

Greetings all. I have our Chaplains list from Soldier's Angels. Here is what they're requesting. I know many of you already have items, please bring those. Everything is welcome!
From Chaplain Peter:
If you would be willing to send supplies to the broad based populace, these are some items we distribute:

Individual size toiletries:
soap & shampoo
shaving cream & razors
feminine products
Baby Wipes
Sun Block

A facility sponsored by the Chaplains office is called Jacks place. It is a building that offers an escape from the daily stresses and a place for meditation and or reflection. In general these items are offered and need to be restocked as needed:

Individually packaged snacks
Bun filters
(Micro Wave) Popcorn
Hard Candy

PLEASE NO CANNED FOOD or ketchup, soups, mustard, Mac and Cheese at this location.

From Chaplain Rick: ( in Spain and North Africa)Favorite items are peanut butter and chocolate, like Reeses cups and nutter butters,
Favorite movies: Forrest Gump, Harry Potter films, Lord of the Rings films, anything with Robin Williams, anything Pixar
Favorite music: Jerry Camp, Switchfoot, Worship music, classical music
Toiletries: male items
Bedding: warm items
Relgious requests- serves Catholic and Protestants, requests bibles with old and new testament
I could really use: soup, like cup o' noodles, low fat oatmeal
I would really like: vitamin water, diet coke, chocolate chip cookies
Humanitarian items- coloring books, small balls for children

From Chaplain David, Camp Bucca
Toiletries, small portable snack items, flavored water mix, dried fruit, beef jerkey
items for children:small stuffed animals, beanie babies, soccer balls

Chaplain's assistant Joel
Favorite Snacks are Bubble gum, Gummy Bears, and any kind of jerky
Favorite Movies are Any kind of comedy or action movie
Favorite Music is Christian Rock
Snacks, home-made cookies, tolietries because the px is usually out, white athletic socks, games/books/puzzles, drink mix

We will package together goodie bags with snacks and toiletries. Bigger items such as children's items, DVDs and music we will throw in a box and send.
Happy hunting for our heroes!