Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12th Meeting

I just wanted to say that today's meeting was great! Packing all those boxes felt really good, and we all sure make a good team. I am glad to be a part of such a great group of gals.
The funny thing is that Obama wants 9/11 to be a day of "Service and Rememberance". I can't wait to hear what Bill thinks of that, but I do know that Glenn (and most of the people who follow him on the Insider Forum) feels that 9/11 shoud be a day of rememberance, and 9/12 should be the day of service. 9/11 was hell on earth and should be remembered as such.
Many on that forum feel that by putting the two together, it will dilute the importance and memory of that horrific day, when we came face to face with our enemy. That is what we can never forget. 9/12 was the day we came together as brothers & sisters, as Americans united. That is the feeling that should be recaptured on 9/12.
Well, coincidentally, that is exactly what we did. 9/12 was our day of serivce. Well done!!!!

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Susan ~ SMIA ~ ATL said...

I agree! Did not President George W Bush declare Sept 11th as Patriots Day?

I think Pres Obama looked like Pres Carter painting those walls on Friday. Not a good image for him, to be sure.

You cannot equate the shock, total heartbeak, and somberness of September 11th to to painting a wall at a Habitat for Humanity house.