Monday, September 14, 2009

Soldier's angels Chaplain project

Special thanks to all of you who helped with the Soldier's Angel's Chaplain project! We had 22 boxes, and we had $78 left over after shipping. I will hold on to the money for next time. Keith and I took 15 boxes to the post office right after the meeting. We met some former military folks who couldn't stop thanking us for remembering the soldiers. I can't wait to tell the folks at soldier's angels what all we did! We estimate 400 baggies were sent. That's 400 soldiers serving away from home and family who will know how much we appreciate them. I think we can all agree it was a fun project and we'll certainly do it again.
If you feel moved to do something like this on your own, please visit and adopt a soldier. You will get a name and address of a soldier or sailor and you send cards and packages at least once a month. You can even pick branch of service or male/ female. Thanks to everyone for being so generous with your time and money. I think it was a great way to celebrate being an American.

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Kim said...

Was a wonderful way to start my membership in SMIA. Feel so good about what we did and now will be adopting a soldier too!!