Monday, November 15, 2010

Meeting This Saturday

Greetings all! We hope to see you at our November meeting this Saturday, 11/20 at O'Terrill's Pub. 510 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta (across from the civic center). Ours will be a time of Thanksgiving for a great election outcome and lots of chatting about what's next for conservatives.
Please RSVP at so we can get a head count for food. Breakfast is $5 and includes warm breakfast sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, eggs and coffee.

Did you watch Sarah Palin's TV show?
Do you have George W. Bush's new book? Bobby Jindal? Who do you like for 2012?

Come be a part of our discussion this Saturday at 9am.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote Tuesday- if you haven't already

I know everyone in this group has voted or will vote on Tuesday. These are just my thoughts on everything.
1) Judges- I'm trying to become familiar with them. The one I am familiar with is David Nahmias for State Supreme Court. He was the US Atty who sent Bill Campbell to prison and had many successful federal prosecutions. He's a good guy. Don't boot him out with the other incumbents.

2) Amendments- No, No, Yes on the rest. #1 is a sneaky one written to look like one thing, but does the opposite. #2 A tax that will take another constiutional amendment to repeal #3 & #4 pay for long projects over time, just learned not having this is costing us our federal gas tax money (the money we pay in GA is going to other states because we don't have this provision) #5 pertains only to Savannah.

3) In races where it's not even close I am voting libertarian or opposition party just to express my displeasure with career politicians. I don't dislike Johnny Isakson, but enough is enough already. Make this his last term. Time for some new people. I'm sure he'll win, but I wouldn't mind giving him a little scare.

4) Casey Cagle- I am not voting for this guy. I know he'll win by a landslide, but he's as slimy and corrupt as Nathan Deal.

Just my thoughts, would like to hear yours. -Eve

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

15 Boxes packed for Treats for Troops and headed to Afghanistan. Candy, socks, magazines, DVDs, snacks and grooming items all for Chaplain Nevard. Thanks to all the ladies who participated and those with us in spirit. Now go vote on Tuesday 11/2!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Treat for the Troops this Saturday!

Hi Everyone, don't forget your goodies for the Chaplains serving overseas. I have 25 boxes from the post office. They're requesting: candy, snacks, pens, pencils, stationary, paper, envelopes, blank cards for all occasions, games, playing cards, gum, razors, soap, tooth brush, toothpaste, floss, other hygiene items (don't forget about the ladies), DVDs (guy movies) and anything home made.
Don't worry if you can't bring anything, your presence to fill baggies will be appreciated. I will also bring construction paper and markers to make some cards too. This event is so much fun and you know everything is so greatly appreciated by our deserving troops.

See you all at O'Terrill's pub Saturday at 9am.
PS- Our newest and youngest member, Dagny, wouldn't miss this for the world. She'll be there.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pictures from the September meeting

9-11 Meeting

Greetings all. We had several new guests for our meeting today- including our youngest member, Dagny Trader (5 weeks old). We got updates about the Restoring Honor rally a few people attended and we had a little time to chat about some local races. Of course, we had a moment of silence for those we lost on this day 9 years ago.
Our next meeting will be on October 23rd and we will be packing goodies for the troops. We've learned that peanut M&Ms are the most preferred candy. Also requested are hygiene items for men and women and fun stuff like cards, word finds, DVDs etc. Most of our troops will be located in Afghanistan.
The November meeting will be on 11/20 and we hope it's a celebration of "hope and change".
It was suggested that we have a book swap, so if you have a book you're willing to lend in exchange for another one, please bring them to the next meeting. We can continue the book swap as long as people want to participate.
As always, we thank Rufus and Linda for a great breakfast and suggest that you visit O'Terrill's Pub when it's open for the best fish and chips in town... no kidding.

See you in October as we "trick or treat for the troops".

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9th meeting

SMIA ladies prove that snow or ice or frigid temps won't keep us away from meeting together. We had a great crowd for breakfast and coffee and a wonderful speaker, Dorothy Chandler, director of the Midtown Assistance Center. The center operates to help those who are working but end up in a situation where they need help with rent, utilities or getting a new job. We learned one of their greatest needs is men's work clothing, particularly black pants, black shoes and steel toed boots. If you're thinking of supporting this organization, pants run about $20, Boots $35, shoes $28. Also, if you frequent thrift store and see these items or a tuxedo (banquet servers) think about purchasing those items for Midtown Assistance. It's nice to see how members of the faith community are pooling resources to help those who truly are facing hard times. Also, they'd love more volunteers.

We decided our Feb. meeting will be a regular meeting. Those who are thinking of going to the conference in San Antonio are keeping in touch, looking for a good airfare. If you see a good airfare to San Antonio for March 26-28, let everyone know. They are saying Sarah Palin will be there, but we have no official schedule or word on that yet. As wonderful as it would be to have Gov. Palin, even if she can't make it, you will have a wonderful time at the national convention.

Thank you letters are rolling in from our Christmas projects for Soldiers. If you get one, please share. Also, thanks to everyone for their donations to the MAC food pantry. The generosity of this group is amazing!