Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pictures from the September meeting

9-11 Meeting

Greetings all. We had several new guests for our meeting today- including our youngest member, Dagny Trader (5 weeks old). We got updates about the Restoring Honor rally a few people attended and we had a little time to chat about some local races. Of course, we had a moment of silence for those we lost on this day 9 years ago.
Our next meeting will be on October 23rd and we will be packing goodies for the troops. We've learned that peanut M&Ms are the most preferred candy. Also requested are hygiene items for men and women and fun stuff like cards, word finds, DVDs etc. Most of our troops will be located in Afghanistan.
The November meeting will be on 11/20 and we hope it's a celebration of "hope and change".
It was suggested that we have a book swap, so if you have a book you're willing to lend in exchange for another one, please bring them to the next meeting. We can continue the book swap as long as people want to participate.
As always, we thank Rufus and Linda for a great breakfast and suggest that you visit O'Terrill's Pub when it's open for the best fish and chips in town... no kidding.

See you in October as we "trick or treat for the troops".