Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Treat for the Troops this Saturday!

Hi Everyone, don't forget your goodies for the Chaplains serving overseas. I have 25 boxes from the post office. They're requesting: candy, snacks, pens, pencils, stationary, paper, envelopes, blank cards for all occasions, games, playing cards, gum, razors, soap, tooth brush, toothpaste, floss, other hygiene items (don't forget about the ladies), DVDs (guy movies) and anything home made.
Don't worry if you can't bring anything, your presence to fill baggies will be appreciated. I will also bring construction paper and markers to make some cards too. This event is so much fun and you know everything is so greatly appreciated by our deserving troops.

See you all at O'Terrill's pub Saturday at 9am.
PS- Our newest and youngest member, Dagny, wouldn't miss this for the world. She'll be there.

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Eve Trader said...

We have a Free X setup for the guys to grab things that they need/would like to have. If anyone asks what we need, here is an initial list:
--Baby wipes (BIG need)
--Protein bars
--Protein powder
--"Atkins" bars
--Meal Replacement bars (guys are often on patrols for long hours)
--Green tea
--"Crystal ight" type of flavor packets (all of our drinking water is bottled)
--Trail mix
--Chocolate covered coffee beans (any chocolate candy maybe bag in ziplock baggies in case they melt in transit)
--DVD movies
--Video games-wii, PS2, PS3, etc.
--Magazines that guys would like. No porn of course. ;-)

We really appreciate ouor supporters. We are in some of the most rugged land in all of Afghanistan. The care really makes a difference. Chaplain Corey