Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote Tuesday- if you haven't already

I know everyone in this group has voted or will vote on Tuesday. These are just my thoughts on everything.
1) Judges- I'm trying to become familiar with them. The one I am familiar with is David Nahmias for State Supreme Court. He was the US Atty who sent Bill Campbell to prison and had many successful federal prosecutions. He's a good guy. Don't boot him out with the other incumbents.

2) Amendments- No, No, Yes on the rest. #1 is a sneaky one written to look like one thing, but does the opposite. #2 A tax that will take another constiutional amendment to repeal #3 & #4 pay for long projects over time, just learned not having this is costing us our federal gas tax money (the money we pay in GA is going to other states because we don't have this provision) #5 pertains only to Savannah.

3) In races where it's not even close I am voting libertarian or opposition party just to express my displeasure with career politicians. I don't dislike Johnny Isakson, but enough is enough already. Make this his last term. Time for some new people. I'm sure he'll win, but I wouldn't mind giving him a little scare.

4) Casey Cagle- I am not voting for this guy. I know he'll win by a landslide, but he's as slimy and corrupt as Nathan Deal.

Just my thoughts, would like to hear yours. -Eve

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