Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meeting Saturday

Hi everyone, after taking a month off for March, I can't wait for our meeting on Saturday. We have so much to discuss and I am dying to know how everyone else reads the chaos going on. What do you think of the line up of potential candidates? Will Hillary Clinton run for President? Is John Edwards better off dead ( he thinks so)? What about the lunacy that always seems to be rampant in our state legislature? We're going to discuss the book "Game Change"- incidentally, Ed Harris will be playing John McCain in the screen version. Glenn Beck's TV show is going away. Katie Couric is going away (hopefully for good) and will you be affected by a (possible) government shutdown? As you can see, we have much to discuss. Hope to see you there, this Saturday at the Galleria (285 & 75 N) 9AM- coffee provided, BYOB(breakfast).
Hello Chick-fil-a :)