Thursday, January 19, 2012

South Carolina

If you tweet, join me (Eve) in tweeting @ReincePriebus asking why Iowa, who can't certify their election results or determine who won their caucus, gets the first, and one of the most impactful says in our primary process. Seriously, I keep asking why and I keep discovering there is no good reason. We need to pressure the RNC to make some big time changes in the process to give more people a say in our nominee. IMHO, Eve
Debate tonight on CNN, "juicy" interview with Newt's 2nd Ex on Nightline following the debate (ABC), if you care about such things.
I was impressed with Newt after the last debate, especially since he touched the 3rd rail of Social Security. Still no one excites me. I am hoping for a brokered convention or that Marco Rubio will join the Romney ticket. I'll force myself to get excited by Mitt Romney if that gets us Marco Rubio in 4 or 8 years. (or Paul Ryan or Bobby Jindal). I could get excited if Nikki Haley joined the Romney ticket too. But right now I am hopeful that we can drag this on and that it's not over on the 31st. I would feel much more engaged if our vote on March 6th mattered.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Meeting this Saturday 1/14

We have a meeting on Saturday Jan. 14th at 9am in our new usual place at the Galleria/ 285. Please email if you need directions or more information.

I won't be able to attend since my parents decided to take advantage of the long weekend and visit. (Since I work in ministry, I don't get the long weekend).
Here are my thoughts- I apologize for sounding like a "Debbie Downer"... at this point, I am not inspired...

I'm pretty frustrated with the whole primary process and feel like a ship without a sail...
I would like to pass along that I read a nice little e-book called "The Right Fights Back" that set up the primary
situation up to the point of the Iowa caucus. It's only in ebook format and I think it was $2.99 or something
like that. It's short, but really interesting if you're looking for a behind the scenes approach. I learned that Rick
Perry was kind of pushed into running for President and that might explain his lack of debate prep and passion.

Also, HBO made Game Change into a movie and it will be premiering in March- if you didn't read that book.

At this point I am a "none of the above" fan and hoping we get a brokered convention this summer (that is the field
is too widespread to get more the 50% of the first vote at the convention, at which point, other people who may not
have even run in the primaries can be submitted for nomination... such as Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan etc).

If Mitt wins SC and FL it's pretty much over, as I think the money will dry up for everyone else.
It's sad that in GA we don't have much of a say, however, if Mitt ties or doesn't win either of those states,
GA is the top prize on Super Tuesday, so expect to see some media buys. I just can't think of who might
be strong enough to mount a conservative challenge at this point since Newt is imploding and Santorum isn't really
a fiscal conservative (he supports unions- not going to go over in SC) and Perry is off the radar.

There is a debate on Saturday and another one before next Saturday's vote.

PS- I still maintain that Hillary Clinton will be the ticket with Obama and if that's the case, stock up on weapons, ammunition and gold. (I'm starting to sound like Ron Paul!).