Thursday, January 19, 2012

South Carolina

If you tweet, join me (Eve) in tweeting @ReincePriebus asking why Iowa, who can't certify their election results or determine who won their caucus, gets the first, and one of the most impactful says in our primary process. Seriously, I keep asking why and I keep discovering there is no good reason. We need to pressure the RNC to make some big time changes in the process to give more people a say in our nominee. IMHO, Eve
Debate tonight on CNN, "juicy" interview with Newt's 2nd Ex on Nightline following the debate (ABC), if you care about such things.
I was impressed with Newt after the last debate, especially since he touched the 3rd rail of Social Security. Still no one excites me. I am hoping for a brokered convention or that Marco Rubio will join the Romney ticket. I'll force myself to get excited by Mitt Romney if that gets us Marco Rubio in 4 or 8 years. (or Paul Ryan or Bobby Jindal). I could get excited if Nikki Haley joined the Romney ticket too. But right now I am hopeful that we can drag this on and that it's not over on the 31st. I would feel much more engaged if our vote on March 6th mattered.

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