Friday, February 10, 2012

Meeting on Saturday 2/11

Greetings all- we have a meeting on Saturday 2/11/ 12 at our usual place at the Galleria (Cumberland and 285). Email me at for directions and information. It's a bring your own breakfast meeting and there might be some surprise treats.

This is the last meeting before Georgia's March 6th Presidential Preference primary. The good news is this election is not a done deal so your vote does count! Come for some intelligent conversation as we "caucus" with each other and "stand by our man" or argue for a brokered convention this summer.

Will it be Mitt, Newt, Rick or Ron? Is abstaining a good way to voice your displeasure with the field? Did anyone else see a tweet saying Paul Ryan would be open to being drafted in a brokered convention ( one could only hope!). Anyone else in love with Marco Rubio? Plus did Karen Handel's departure from Komen enhance her political chances in the future? And we'd love to hear what our Catholic friends think about the President's birth control/abortion overreach.

Just some of what's on the table this weekend at Saturday Morning in America- Atlanta chapter.
See you there. (Eve)