Monday, May 7, 2012

Meeting Next Saturday- packing party

In honor of mother's day, we are not meeting on Saturday. Rather, we will meet next Saturday at our usual place (Galleria @ 285). Contact for directions.

We will be having a packing party for the troops! Snacks, hygiene items, games, toys, books, magazines (for men, not sexy) puzzle books etc- no chocolate, no aerosol.  These items will be packed into grab-n-go goodie bags and kept with the Chaplin. The troops who visit can take a goodie bag or go shopping for free for the comfort items we provide.

We have- baggies, boxes ( I am ordering 20 APO boxes) we need stuff to send & packing tape.
Each box will be about $12.50 to ship and we'll operate on an adopt a box program. We're asking people to take a box and ship it.  (I have two under two and a trip the post office with boxes is not possible).

I have asked for more specific items from the chaplains group of soldiers angels. I will post if I get a better list.

Cards are always welcome. DVDs of movies are welcome (they're cheap at Big Lots).
See you then!

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