Thursday, May 17, 2012

Packing for Soldier's Angels this Saturday 5/19

Ladies, we will be packing baggies of snacks and comfort items for the chaplains in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Aside from the regular snack  items and personal care items, here are some other things suggested by the chaplain team:
* individual drink mixes
* ice pops for those places that have freezers
* water guns
* cooling scarves
* baby wipes
* medicated foot and body powder
* socks
* fans (personal sized)
* cotton sheets and pillowcases
* Febreeze or other air freshners (not aeorsal)
* sun screen
* bug repellant

Other item we need are: packing tape & scissors.
I have 25 boxes and customs forms. I have baggies.

We'll be in our regular place at the Galleria/285. Email me at if you need directions or more information.
PS- as a bonus, we'll be joined by our youngest member, Baby Elsa! 

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