Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Packing Party- November 9th

Ladies we will meet Saturday in our usual place at the Galleria (near 75 & 285)  for a Christmas packing party for our troops!

I know we've been feeling depressed and abandoned, but we can't abandon those who protect our freedom. 

Please come and enjoy a joyful time of making goodie bags for our troops.

We are sending all boxes to one chaplain in Afghanistan. He has 300 service men and women in his group.
Please remember that it is cold there.  If you would like to do a little extra, here are some things they need for the winter:

Twin sheets
fleece blankets
socks(tube socks, green, black or white no logos)
knit or fleece caps- solid colors, black, brown, dark green preferred.
cold medicine, lozenges and other cold related items
chap stick
hot cocoa

And items they always use- cards, puzzle books, pens and paper, blank cards for them to send home (Christmas, birthday)

If you want to wrap items such as socks, sheets, etc for Christmas, that is fine. Please put a sticky note on it detailing what's inside.

It's hard to believe but some of these young men and women do not have family- so when other soldiers begin getting gifts, they feel left out.
A wrapped gift of socks or uno cards or something like that can make Christmas for a forgotten soldier. 

Christmas decorations (small fake trees, garland, lights) are also appreciated. Remember- everything is going to the same Chaplain this time.

I have PLENTY of baggies- please do not bring baggies. 
We always need tape a scissors, so if you have some around, feel free to bring those. I will get the boxes and custom forms.

We have an adopt a box policy. Boxes are 14.85 to ship. Some members are sending money to adopt boxes since they can't be at the meeting.

If you have time and would like to write a letter or Christmas Card of thanks and appreciation, we can put those in our boxes too.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Announcing the 2014 SMIA Convention!

I am pleased to announce the 2014 SMIA Convention will be held in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.
Save the date- May 2-4, 2014.

There are many more details to be worked out, but here's what's set already:

Date: May2-4, 2014
Location: The Woodlands Hotel & Suites, Colonial Williamsburg- Free Wi/Fi, Continental Breakfast and parking.
How to get there:  Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF) (20 minutes)
Norfolk International Airport (ORF) (45 minutes)
Richmond International Airport (RIC) (45 minutes)
If we have enough people, we could drive, or rent a van and drive. It might be a better option to fly if folks are on a tight schedule.

Friday- Dinner in Revolutionary City with historic interpreter
Saturday- Meeting and luncheon- Keynote speaker
Sunday- Breakfast
All weekend- pass to Revolutionary City

Williamsburg offers activities your spouse or kids might enjoy. Please keep in mind the events are for SMIA registered guests only.

Meeting on Saturday

Our regular monthly meeting will be this Saturday (3/9) at Judy's home in Doraville. Contact me at everenee@aol.com for directions.

Our last meeting was successful, packing about 15 boxes for our beloved troops in Afghanistan. It's a fun project and I can't wait to get the thank you letters from the chaplains.

Our Caroline is walking the walk- attending Dekalb Republican Party meetings, hoping to gain some influence in the state party. This is how to get better candidates and real conservatives. Attend a county meeting, 2nd saturday of the month- state convention in May.

Hope to see you all on Saturday!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday Ya'll- We are packing this weekend for our wonderful troops over in Afghanistan. We'll meet at our usual place at the Galleria. I have boxes and labels, you bring scissors, packing tape and goodies. We will be operating on an "adopt a box" basis. The postage on a flat rate box is $15. I got some priority mail envelopes too for light things ( like female hygiene kits) so if $15 is steep (and it is) you can take an envelope ($5).

Here's what's been requested:

B Richards / U Stewart (90 males 30 females)

Snacks, anything for warmth, hot chocolate


M. Beck (304 males 32 females)

Snacks,, anything for warmth, hot chocolate


C. Dollard (mailstop 11-1-2013)

We have about 250 Soldiers within our Unit and most of the places that 
they will be staying do not have proper hygiene stations and they wont 
eat properly.


J. Seaborn (120 males 120 females) (mailstop 11-2013)

Greetings I am a chaplain on active duty and currently deployed. I am 
requesting care packages for my Soldiers. Coffee, Clippers, Chocolate 
and whatever else you can send.

Beef jerky, chiips, crystal light, different flavor creamer, sugar, 
razors, body wash, foot powder. (plain t shirts - white or blue or red 
assorted sizes (nothing on them it is a muslim country). Laundry 


S. Zachary (350 males 40 females) (mailstop 5-2013)

Boxed cereal (fiber and whole grain), string cheese, dark chocolate, 
hot chocolate, female toiletries, female underwear all sizes, 10-12oz. 
Coffee cups with lids.

Be sure to ask Ellen about her adventure in buying tampons for our lady soldiers.

Hope to see you there!