Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Friday Ya'll- We are packing this weekend for our wonderful troops over in Afghanistan. We'll meet at our usual place at the Galleria. I have boxes and labels, you bring scissors, packing tape and goodies. We will be operating on an "adopt a box" basis. The postage on a flat rate box is $15. I got some priority mail envelopes too for light things ( like female hygiene kits) so if $15 is steep (and it is) you can take an envelope ($5).

Here's what's been requested:

B Richards / U Stewart (90 males 30 females)

Snacks, anything for warmth, hot chocolate


M. Beck (304 males 32 females)

Snacks,, anything for warmth, hot chocolate


C. Dollard (mailstop 11-1-2013)

We have about 250 Soldiers within our Unit and most of the places that 
they will be staying do not have proper hygiene stations and they wont 
eat properly.


J. Seaborn (120 males 120 females) (mailstop 11-2013)

Greetings I am a chaplain on active duty and currently deployed. I am 
requesting care packages for my Soldiers. Coffee, Clippers, Chocolate 
and whatever else you can send.

Beef jerky, chiips, crystal light, different flavor creamer, sugar, 
razors, body wash, foot powder. (plain t shirts - white or blue or red 
assorted sizes (nothing on them it is a muslim country). Laundry 


S. Zachary (350 males 40 females) (mailstop 5-2013)

Boxed cereal (fiber and whole grain), string cheese, dark chocolate, 
hot chocolate, female toiletries, female underwear all sizes, 10-12oz. 
Coffee cups with lids.

Be sure to ask Ellen about her adventure in buying tampons for our lady soldiers.

Hope to see you there!