Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well ladies, we had a handful of people and a lively, well managed discussion at our last meeting with an unfortunate conclusion that there's not much we can to do as individuals to turn this ship around.

I know how I feel and I think I speak for most of us in that we feel betrayed by those we work hard to elect (Tom Price, Jody Hice etc) and we feel there is no right party- just one that is out front with their lies and deceit and the one that schemes behind our backs. We feel our country may be too far gone to rescue and freedom and liberty will be things we talk about in past tense to our grandkids.

Now that I have some time to think... (I was laid off and at home full time) I am going to make an effort to get some energetic speakers to come (in my best Hans and Franz voice) Pump Us Up!

I am in contact with Joel Aaron formerly of 920 AM now with Americans for Prosperity. He is willing to speak to us and connect us to some other groups with whom we might want to plug-in so that we feel more uplifted after our meeting.

Question for you all:

We are currently meeting the second Saturday of the month. Upcoming meetings are
March 14, April 11 (weekend after Easter) May 9 (mother's day weekend) and June 13th.

Is one of these weekends better than other for guest speakers?

Please think about your schedules and let me know. I aim to make our meetings more encouraging than they have been of late.

- Eve

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